Argus Roh was formed in 2018 as The Advocates with the idea of being a rock band that explored and blended genres. As we toured and wrote music we decided to take a new direction as a new band Argus Roh. The band was formed in the Heart of Hollywood at the former Cascade Rehearsal Studios. The band consist of:


Tony Atilano is a Los Angeles native, was inspired by his father to start playing music at the Age 14. Was mentored and taught by Cesar Lopez AKA Vampiro (ex guitar player of the famous latin band Mana.) Studied at SMC for Music Major/Piano just under two years. Was the ex lead guitar for Black Empathy. Founding member of The Advocates/Argus Roh. Influences include, Mana, Slayer, Jaguares, Sepultura, Kreator and Caifanes. Favorite Movies: Blood In and Blood Out, A Bronx Tale, PotC. Favorite Books: Man Up by Bedros Keuilian, The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan Kennedy, The Perfect Day Formula by Craig Valentine.

Gear - Gibson Flying V W/ EMG 57/66

              ESP LTD Jeff Hanneman

              ESP E-11 Horizon FR

              Gibson Les Paul Custom

              D'addario NYXL 11-56

              Dunlop Jazz III XL 1mm

              Line 6 HX Stomp

              Marshall JCM 900

              Mesa Engineering 2x12 w/ Celestion V30s

              Maxon OD9 Pro+

              ISP Decimator II G String


Jason Campos is a Los Angeles native, started playing Guitar at the age of 13. Was in Defiled Sanctuary and Corruption from 2009-2010. Has joined other projects in the recent years. LA Film School graduate with an AA in science and recording arts. Current pursuit in Solo Guitar AA at LACC. Founding member of The Advocates/Argus Roh. Influences include: Rise Against, Slipknot, Jim Croce. Favorite Movies: Phantom of the Paradise.

Gear - Fender Jazz Bass

              Sterling StingRay Ray4

              Tech 21 SansAMp Character Series VT

              Hartke HD150

              Dunlop Jazz III Max Grip 

              Dunlop Max Grip Standard Nylon .88mm

              Ernie Ball Strings


Rob Duarte is Guatemalan Born Los Angeles Raised Guitarist, Started playing guitar at the Age of 13. Took classical guitar lessons from Boghrat Sadeghan from 2007-2009, Was in the band Corruption and Was the drummer of Defiled Sanctuary from 2009-2010. Later joined the School of Rock from 2009-2011 took lessons from Neil Rambaldi and Carl Restivo. Played live shows for the School of Rock and got to perform in front Jackass member Steeve O. Founding member of The Advocates/Argus Roh. Influences include: Killswitch Engage, Lamb of God, K-Dot, AILD, America, Hans Zimmer.  Favorite Movies: Interstellar, Without a Paddle. Favorite TV Shows: Californication, X-Files, Stranger Things. Favorite Games: Forza 4-7, Killer Instinct, MK3, DKC 2, SSBU. 

Gear - Ibanez S2170 Prestige w/ EMGs Zakk Wylde                    81/85

              ESP LTD EC 1000

              Ibanez RGA61AL

              Ibanez RGR5221 Prestige 

              D'addario NYXL 11-56

              Peavey Invective .120

              Peavey Invective 2x12 w/ Celestion V30 and                Creamback

              MXR 5150 OD


              Horizon Devices Precision Drive

              Dunlop Jazz III XL

              TCE Polytune 3


Alexis Argueta (Iceman) was born and raised in the streets of L.A. Growing up watching Iron Maiden music videos, picking up the sticks and the guitar at a young age but didn't take music seriously until the age of 14. Has played with other local bands D-13, & Scarred Condition. Influences: Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Trivium, & Royal Crown Revue. Favorite Movies: Dark Knight Trilogy, Fight Club, Top Gun, Fury, The Godfather. Been suffering with TB since 1899

He is our Gunslinging Hunter, our Death Eater, Doom Slayer


Gear - Vic Firth Drum Sticks

              Remo Drum Heads

              Paiste Cymbals

              Yamaha Drum Kit

              TAMA Iron Cobra Double Pedals


The name is Sam, I'm a Los Angeles Native. I have a few years of experience playing guitar and singing for a few local bands. Metal Vocals is my business and Business is good! In late August 2019, I found a home in Argus Roh and been greeted warmly by some of the best damn musicians in the History of Metal! 

Gear - Shure SM58

              Ghastly Fanny Pack